Welcome in the Kastanienhof ...

.... in the heart of Leinsweiler, one of the most beautiful villages at the “Südliche Weinstraße”.
From here you can go on long walks through the “Pfälzer Wald” and even on tours to the nearby Alsace. Uncounted castles and bizarre rocks wait for you to conquer them.


Several romantic towns are only a short drive away: Speyer with it’s unique dome and the museum of Pfalz, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Landau, Annweiler am Trifels, the historical emperor’s city Worms, Bad Bergzabern, Weißenburg in the Alsace. Even Strasbourg is only one hours drive away.

Children will enjoy a visit in the Wild Animalís Park Silz, in the adventure pools La Ola in Landau or in the Zoo of Landau. A one day visit of the Holidaypark Hassloch is a great experience for the whole family.

Even without a car thereís a lot you can do:

Just over Leinsweiler lies the former summer residence of the painter Max Slevogt. A short walk leads you to the Madenburg, in 1 ½ hours you can reach the Trifels high above Annweiler. In the hotels, restaurants and wine-taverns in and around Leinsweiler you can enjoy the delicious palatine cooking. To keep Leinsweiler in a delicious memory you can buy wine, distillates, honey, wine jelly, fruits, pumpkins and even chocolate pieces directly from the producer.